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Handcrafted leather bags & laptop sleeves

Pakistan produces some of the finest leather goods in the industry. But most of it is exported. And if you then want to buy the same thing, you have to pay the "export quality" tax; higher prices for products just because they are made for the European or US markets.

We wanted to do something different. So we searched far & wide for the best leather we could find. And we did. We found the same "export quality" leather that many prominent brands use for their leather goods.

And we decided to bring it to the local market, at a price that you can afford.

Our leather bags & sleeves start from Rs. 4,500/-

They are affordable not because they are of lower quality.

They are reasonably priced because you don't have to pay the "export quality" tax.

Why should you have to pay a premium to import high quality leather goods from abroad, when the goods are made in Pakistan in the first place?

Free home delivery

Because we produce all our goods locally, using locally available talent and materials, we are able to provide free shipping inside Pakistan.

TCS is our trusted shipping partner in the country. No matter where you are in Pakistan, you can be guaranteed a safe and speedy delivery experience.

Handcrafted right here in Pakistan

Our entire line of leather bags and sleeves is made completely by hand. This results in a much more unique and cleaner finish on your bag.

Because of the handcrafting, we can produce these bags in unique designs that would be difficult with automated machines.

And we get to contribute to the gainful employment of talented craftsmen in the country.

Easy returns process

We understand that buying something online isn't the same as buying from a store.

You don't have the option of seeing the product, of feeling it between your fingers, seeing how it fits you.

Which is why we have a simple and hassle free returns process.

If you are not happy with you purchase for any reason, you can easily return it and have the purchase price refunded.

Read more about our returns process here.

Full grain leather with semi-veg tan

We searched extensively to find the best materials for our leather bags & sleeves.

After a long process of searching and evaluating, we finally found the right tannery.

Based in Karachi, this tannery produces some of the best leather in Pakistan. A number of well known brands use leather from this tannery for their products sold in the European & US markets.

Our leather is full grain; which means we use all the layers of skin from the animal. This is the best kind of leather and the only one we use.

It's semi-veg tanned. This tanning process produces a lush looking leather that is soft to the touch, durable. As far as we know, we are the first in Pakistan to bring semi-veg tanned products to the local market.



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