White Labeling Services

In addition to our retail e-commerce business, we also partner up with businesses to produce unique handcrafted leather products for their customers.

These custom products are ideal for:

  • Gifting your loyal customers
  • Gifting to employees that show commitment to the organization
  • Gifting to attendees of a conference you are hosting

We work with leading businesses in Pakistan to produce custom products for their clients, and all our clients have been extremely happy with the quality and cost of the finished products. Whitelabelling

You can reach out to us at corporate@khalil-ahmed.com.

Our Process

If you decide to work with us to produce premium leather products for gifting, you have 2 options:

  • Browse our library of gift ideas and select one that you like
  • Work with our design & manufacturing team to produce something custom

Either way, once you finalize what you want produced, we will take care of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

Your products will only include your branding. We prefer to include a small thank you message from Khalil Ahmed inside the product packaging as but if requested this can be removed as well.

Let's Get Started

To get more information on our white labeling services or to get started with ordering a unique & high quality leather product for your customers, please get in touch with us at corporate@khalil-ahmed.com.

We are happy to answer any question, walk you through our entire process, show you our existing products, or help with any other inquiries that you might have.